How to Win at Darts? Like Always

Darts is a well-known game all around the world, and millions of people love to indulge in it while drinking with their buddies. The game is addicting and fun to play, the rules are simple, and after a few games, you are wondering where all the time went. Whether you play with your friends at a local bar, or in a tournament, winning is an exciting feeling. There is a sense of accomplishment about beating others and being the best among your colleagues or competitors. You have rightfully earned their respects and there is no greater feeling than that.

No matter how easy the rules of darts may sound to you, but it is not easy to ace this game. The premise sounds simple – you just have to hit the center, right? How hard can it be? Turns out, very hard. Being consistent with your scores is not an easy thing to do and even the professionals struggle with consistency.

However, you can improve your game by making some minor changes to your gameplay. Here is a list of things which will help you to master the game of darts.

Know the Rules

How can you win a game without knowing the rules? Luck maybe, but it is highly unlikely. You are not God’s favorite child, so you can’t win via luck every time. To master this or any other game, you must know its rules inside out. Once you learn the rules of darts, you can use them to your advantage, and of course, avoid any penalties.

For example, did you know that if you hit the bull’s eye in the last throw, you will win the game straight away. Knowledge is power – in life, and in darts.

Understand the Scoring System

This seems like a no brainer. If you want to master the game, you first have to understand how scoring works.

Most of the professional games start with each player having a total of 501 or 301 points. Each player has three darts and has to throw them simultaneously on his/her turn. The score is noted down from the board and is deducted from the players total score. The scoring is as follows:

  • Bull’s eye has a total of 50.
  • The outer ring will give you 25.
  • If a dart hits in the double or treble ring, the respective score is doubled.

The first person to reach the null point is the winner of the game. If in the later stages of the game, the players score goes below 0 after subtracting their score from the total, it will result in a bust. This bust will reset their score to what it was before they threw the dart. Other rules that will result in a bust are if players score comes to 1 after subtracting it from their total or it comes 0 but violates the double out rule. (Double Out: Players must hit a double to make the score zero.)

focused young man throws dart w

Improve the Throw

For a game like darts, you need the perfect hand to eye coordination. Your hands should follow what your eye sees. It is easier said than done and it takes years of practice to master this art. What you can do is train more with proper technique. If you have the proper stance, grip, speed and momentum, your dart will go wherever you want it to.

Here are a few tips that will help you improve your throw and control your darts curvature.

  • Stand in an inverted manner with your strong hand facing the dart board. Avoid facing it upright.
  • Lift your elbow to your shoulder’s length. Your elbow will act as a lever while throwing.
  • Use the pencil grip when holding the dart, neither too tight, nor too loose. Hold it from the center with the front tip facing little upwards.
  • Aim higher than the point where you want to hit the board.
  • Keep your body and shoulders steady and let go of the dart. Snap your wrist in the end to give it more speed.
  • Follow through the motion of your arm to maintain the desired trajectory.

These little tips can help you increase your accuracy. A professional player can win a game of darts with a minimum of nine throws. Think of that as your limit and keep practicing until you can achieve the same feat. Shoot for the moon, and you may end up getting the stars.

Watch Out for your Mistakes

One of the most important things to do when playing darts is to analyze your gameplay and find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. To this end, you can film yourself and see what you’re doing wrong. You can also ask a friend to watch you play and point out your mistakes.

Knowing your mistakes will help you use your strengths to your advantage. You should be so confident of your style that the dart should follow your intended path, even if it is going in the wrong direction, and you should be able to calculate its hit point. This way you can change its trajectory according to the need of the game.

Don’t Obsess on the Bully’s Eye

Also, make sure you practice hitting every point on the dart board and don’t emphasize too much on the center. It is important to get the bull’s eye, but it is not wise to practice only hitting the center. In the later stages of the game, you’ll be needing to hit the double ring at some point, and if you don’t know how to do it, your opponent will win.

Pro Tip: Aiming for the bullseye in the later stages is not safe, instead aim for the double ring. It has a wider area, so you have more chances of hitting it.

Get your Own Gear

If you really want to take your game to the next level, you need to practice playing it daily. It is not plausible for you or anyone to go the bar everyday just to play darts. Your girlfriend will start suspecting something is up, and who can blame her?

If you do want to give it a shot, it’s better to just buy one. Dart boards are not expensive and you can easily set one up at your home. All you need is an empty basement, room or garage and you’re good to go. Make sure you check in with your family before making such a decision though.

Dart boards and darts may not be expensive, but this project will take a lot of commitment and determination. So, make up your mind that you want to go all the way into this game, otherwise it will just be a waste of time and money.

Keep Things Quiet

You are going to need a calm and peaceful environment for the training sessions, so going to the bar is not a great option. It’s a lot of, but who can concentrate properly in a bar? Getting a personal board at home or going to a professional court will be a better option. Choose according to your budget and start practicing!

Which brings us to our next point…

Set up shop at home

Here is a list of things which you need to keep in mind while giving shape to your personal darts game room for real.

  • The room must be large enough to accommodate international dimensions of the game and then some extra space for standing and moving around.
  • Measure all distances carefully before hanging the board and marking the throw line.
  • The dart board should be hung far from windows and doors.
  • The flooring in this room should not be warped or twisted.
  • It should be child proof, as they need to be kept away from playing arena. Darts are very sharp and can injure anyone, especially children, if they are not handled with care.

Once you have made your own personalized dart room, start practicing the game. It’ll be a slow process, you can’t perfect your game overnight, so give it time and keep your head high.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You probably know about this one, it is a no brainer. Is there anything in this world that can’t be mastered by the right amount of training and determination? Whether it is the field of sports, academics, arts, music or anything else that you can think of, it can be mastered over time with practice.

When you do something repeatedly over a period, your muscle memory becomes strong. The game of darts is all about muscle memory and if you can develop it, it’ll all be smooth sailing for you.

To get started on your training routine, try hitting each number on the board in the ascending or descending order. This will give you an even accuracy over the whole board. If you can’t hit a triple or double, start working on it. Note down how many darts you take to hit each number and analyze them. You can see your progress week by week.

Closing Thoughts

Winning is addictive, and once you get used to the sweet taste of victory, you do not want to go back. An amateur can win one time, it takes real practice and determination to win consistently. This is something which luck or money can’t buy; you have to sweat in the arena to be good at it. Darts will not make you sweat, but you get the idea. So, whether you are training to make it big as a professional or just to beat your friends, buckle up, it is not going to be easy.


Best Dart Board Cabinet

Quick question – what’s the most fun pub game you’ve ever played? It’s throwing darts, isn’t it? Do you remember the time when you and your buddies had a blast playing this game in the local bar? Have you ever thought about bringing the amazing game home? Well, you have landed at the right place! We have curated a list of the 7 best dart board cabinets that will step up the look of your game lounge, whether you are buying one for your bar, or your personal game lounge.

Having a dart board cabinet over the standard dart board is indubitably better. The cabinet augments the functionality of the lounge, because it acts as a piece of furniture when not in use. Some dart board cabinets come with bells and whistles that will blow you away, and will also enhance the overall beauty of your entertainment room.

dart board with cabinet on a wall

10 Best Dartboard Cabinets & Reviews

1. Barrington Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

  • Product dimensions- 24.1×24.1×3.9 inches
  • Weight- 31 pounds

Barrington Bristle Dartboard cabinet comes in an attractive and convenient design. It is a hanging type of board which adds to the look of your gaming room even when it’s not in use. The cabinet can be hung on the wall with ease, because it is provided with quality hinges. The hinges prevent it from slamming and wear-and-tear, allowing smooth opening and closing.

The cabinet has various compartments that can hold darts, a marker and mounting kits, so that you don’t face any inconvenience while playing. The cabinet is made of pine veneer and its frame has the wormhole effect. These features give it an antique look, thus making your game area look more aesthetic.

The dartboard set contains everything you need to have a fun game night with your buddies. The dartboard is self-healing too, that is, it does not retain any damage. The kit includes a wall mounting bracket, 6 steel-tip darts, a scoreboard and 1 marker. Basically – all the things you need to play a regulated game.

The self-healing texture of the board increases its resiliency and makes it long lasting. Increase your points and gaming potential with staple-free bull’s eye target feature. Since the board comes with a rustic appearance, it looks quite authentic. It is lightweight and easy to install. The LED lights are battery operated and make it suitable for your pub room, game room, or even the man cave.


  • Dry erase scoreboard
  • Lightweight cabinet
  • Easy installation
  • Solid wood cabinet


  • Not waterproof
  • Suitable for only indoor use
  • Heavy chemical smell

2. Viper Hudson Sisal Cabinet 

  • Product dimensions- 43.3×19.7×3 inches
  • Weight- 23.6 pounds

The Viper Hudson Sisal Cabinet comes in three variants – deluxe, elite and premium. You can select any set according to your needs.

  • The deluxe set contains a Viper laser throw/toe line marker.
  • The premium set contains Viper edge dart throw/toe line marker and a Viper shadow buster cabinet. The cabinet also has a display light and can be used to create mood lighting on party nights.
  • The elite set contains all the features of the premium set, but it is built to withstand heavy foot-fall places.

The cabinet is made of 100% solid pine. The strong box joint construction keeps the movement of doors smooth and steady. The cabinet is protected against slamming by cabinet doors by two compact door stoppers. It has a long-lasting build, because there is no artificial wood or veneer used in the making of this luxurious cabinet.

The dartboard set contains a cabinet, staple-free dartboard, two sets of steel tip darts, dry erase marker, dry erase scoreboard, out chart board and mounting hardware. The board itself is made of sisal fibers which are compressed together to provide unsurpassed durability and prevent bouncing factor of the darts.

The dartboard measures 18 inches in diameter. There’s a movable number ring which extends the life of the board. The dry erase out chart board is on the inside of the left cabinet door and the dry erase scoreboard is on the right door. The superior non-smear surface of the scoreboard makes cleaning very easy.

The set comes with mounting hardware, thus making it easy to install. The traditional adhesive floor markers are replaced by modern adjustable laser throw/toe line marker. The LED lights are bright, adjustable and efficient, providing a clear view from any distance.


  • Sturdy wooden cabinet
  • Battery powered LED lights
  • Dry erase scoreboard
  • Staple free bull’s eye


  • Does not come with darts that can be used repeatedly, as steel dart tips tend to get bent.

3. Viper Vault Cabinet

  • Product dimensions- 43.3×19.7×3 inches
  • Weight- 24.5 pounds

Viper Vault Cabinet comes with a sisal/bristle dartboard. It comes in four variants – standard, deluxe, elite and premium.

  • The standard set includes Edge throw design.
  • The deluxe set includes laser line.
  • The elite set includes laser line and shadow buster.
  • The premium set comes with throw line and shadow buster.

The entire cabinet set comes with two sets of steel-tip darts making 6 in total, sisal/bristle shot king dashboard, dry erase marker, and 2 scoreboards.

Talking about the features of the cabinet, the design is sleek and complements most decors. The cabinet has magnetic doors that prevent the doors from swinging out and obstructing the path. It is also highly durable and long lasting, owing to the solid box joint construction. In addition to the two dry erase scoreboards, there is an additional box located above to keep a record of the number of sets played. The strong bronze hinges keep the doors in position during the game time.

The dartboard measures 18 inches in diameter and is made of sisal. This compact design reduces the bounce outs while aiming. The 360-degree wire shape helps land the desired shot by sliding dart tips inwards across the wire. The view can be enhanced from a distance, because of 3 adjustable bright and energy efficient LED lights.


  • Additional slots to hold darts upright.
  • Suitable for pubs.


  • Might need re-drilling of holes to adjust to your needs.

4. American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dartboard Cabinet

  • Product dimensions- 25.3×45.3×5.5 inches
  • Weight- 29 pounds

American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dartboard Cabinet gives an ultimate gaming experience. The design of the cabinet is elegant and the brown finish gives it a traditional look. The handcrafted Mocha finish matches most of the entertainment rooms.

The set contains a solid wooden cabinet, a pre-mounted bristle dashboard, 6 darts, and 2 functional black chalkboards. The Z-brackets at the back make it easy to install and thus ready to start your game as soon as you get it out of the box.

The cabinet is designed from solid wood. The Mocha’s quality material makes it a high-caliber product that will last a very long time – it might even outlast you! The cabinet doors act as scoreboards for keeping track of who stands where, as well as provide protection against damage to the walls. They also prevent any injury from playing the game. The bristle dartboard comes with a tournament-quality build that will satisfy the highest needs.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Perfect alignment.


  • Fewer features than other products on this list.
  • Not ideal for people who are inclined towards electronic dartboards that are safer for children.

5. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise Cabinet Set

  • Product dimension- 24.6×20×4 inches
  • Weight- 24.2 pounds

The Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise is made of superior quality, durable pine wood that gives it a strong and stylish look. This single piece of wood on your wall will complete and enhance the entire look of your entertainment room or man cave.

The cabinet has a team logo on its door with a cowboy’s star on it. The interior of the cabinet also features the name and logo, giving it a classic look and encouraging your team spirit. The buyers can personalize the board by selecting a logo of their favorite NFL team and asking for the changes before ordering.

The set includes two scoreboards with chalk, eraser, 18 inches bristle dart board and six steel-tip darts with NFL logo. In order to make the installation easy for you, mounting hardware is also provided with the set.


  • Officially licensed with National Football League
  • Perfect for professionals
  • High-quality and durable wooden structure
  • All the items in the set have NFL logo painted which means there will be no peeling off of the paint


  • Expensive
  • Darts are okay for casual use, but you may need to buy better darts if you are picky.

6. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

  • Product dimensions- 22.8×3.2×30.3 inches
  • Weight- 10 pounds

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard includes all the games and features that a professional player would look for. Its state-of-the-art features helps enjoy the feeling of playing like a pro. The set includes 6 soft tip darts, and AC adapter, mounting hardware, and operating and gaming instruction manual. You can choose from 39 games with 179 variations, including 7 cricket games.

The cabinet comes in cherry finish with excellent furniture quality build, and will go very well with any kind of decor. The routed doors and storage compartment give it an edge over other cabinets in the same range.

Talking about its display, it has a jumbo score screen with scores of 4 players being displayed at the same time. Its large scrolling display also provides ease of selection for game and option menus. The regulation target area measures 15.5 inches in diameter which best suits tournament-style play. The classic looks of the board are enhanced by the trademarked classic red, black and yellow colors of the target area.

The Cricket Pro 800 provides another exclusive feature – it allows you to see the average points per dart at the end of each player’s round. This feature is quite convenient because it can help everyone track and evaluate the game without any calculations. You can also use this feature to shame your friends when they, inevitably, can’t keep up with you!

The board also comes with an optional Heckler feature, which is perhaps the most fun feature. It operates at three levels, from mild to unforgiving, and is basically provided to cheer the players for impressive scores by applauding, and to harass them for their bad scores. This feature can be turned off at any time during the play – but would you really want to?

The Cricket Pro 800 evidently provides the best game experience through the micro thin segment dividers. They reduce the frequency of bounce-outs, ensuring that the player is less irritated, thereby increasing the overall scoring potential.

This dartboard is bound to stay with you for years due to its exclusive nylon tough segments. Arachnid has successfully improved playability and durability of this board. These nylon tough segments not only maintain the shape over time, but also gives a quieter play time as compared to the traditional materials.


  • Reduced bounce-outs
  • Increased scoring efficiency
  • Extreme durability
  • Highly responsive sensors provide unmatched accuracy
  • Variety of games


  • Costly
  • May need extra darts
  • No volume controls

7. Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet And Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

  • Product dimensions – 32×25×4 inches
  • Weight – 13 pounds

The Viper Metropolitan Cabinet is crafted from solid pine. The cabinet is available in four different stain colors, namely – oak, mahogany, cinnamon and espresso. This piece will blend easily with any decor owing to its modern interior designs. It also features a black lining, making it look like a fully premium cabinet. In order to retain its luxurious appearance, two compact door stoppers are provided that prevent the cabinet from slamming against the inside compartment.

The solid pine doors are equipped with self-closing hinges. A gentle push to close the cabinet is enough. It also has a built-in shelf to help you with storage.

The variants of this bundle are:

  • Standard – it comes with Shot King Sisal dartboard with round spider wires.
  • Deluxe – it comes with a Dead-on Sisal dartboard with triangular spider wires.
  • Premium – it comes with Razorback Sisal dartboard with razor-thin spider wire.
  • Elite – it contains all the features of Premium bundle and in addition has a Laser Throwline.

The set includes removable dart caddy, dry erase cricket board, dry erase out chart board, dry erase marker, and mounting hardware. The removable caddy has 6 slots for darts, 6 flight/shaft pockets, and 1 large multifunction pocket. There is also a set of Viper Black Mariah 22 grams steel tip darts.

Each dart has an aluminum shaft with locking holes that provide a tight connection, thus enhancing stability. The dartboard measures 18 inches in diameter and has a movable number ring which prolongs its life.

The additional feature of Black Felt Backing enhances the beauty of this cabinet. Its plush surface gives a safe and permanent location for the soft tip dashboard. The dry erase out chart board on the cabinet’s left door helps with quick scoring and shot reference and the dry erase cricket scoreboard on the cabinet’s right door provides a smooth surface for adjusting scores easily.


  • Great color range to choose from
  • Less bounce-outs
  • Changeable dart rings
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has door stoppers
  • Additional storage area at the bottom


  • The doors might get scratched easily
  • Slight gap between the doors when closed

Types of dartboard cabinets

There are three types of dart boards available in the market:

  1. Bristle boards and darts – these boards are made of sisal fiber and are suited to be used by professionals. The dartboards have a shape memory i.e. they return to their original form after the dart is hit and removed. They are unsafe for children, as the darts used have steel tips.
  2. Electronic boards and darts – if you are planning to buy a darts cabinet for your children, this is the one for you. These cabinets are made of plastic, thus making them lightweight and well suited for small children, as well as beginners. Children can play with these darts safely, because the dart tips are also made of plastic.
  3. Magnetic cabinets – these types of boards combine all the features of bristle and electronic darts, because they come with a magnetic system.

Factors to be considered while buying dartboard cabinets

  1. Durability- while buying the cabinet, make sure it is strong, well-built and of high quality. Giving preference to quality over price is always wise.
  2. Safety and Protection- the type of dart boards should be purchased according to the player. If it is to be played by a child, make sure you buy an electronic one. Moreover, it should have the ability to catch stray darts, so that the walls of your room do not get damaged.
  3. Installation- the dartboard cabinet should always be easy to install. Buy the one which has easy installation hardware and comes with detailed instructions.


Anyone who wants to play darts for a long time and hone their skills should buy a dartboard cabinet. The cabinet not only protects your dartboard and accessories, but also enhances the decor of your room. If you are a beginner, you can buy a sisal/ bristle one, but if you are a professional player, then you should go for the electronic one.

Throwing darts is a fun pub game, and if you can bring it home – why not? Just make sure there is enough space in your gaming lounge and you get the measurements right. Good luck!


Dart Board Set Up: Measurements & Mounting

You really like the game of darts and bought a dartboard to enjoy it at your home or just to get some practice without spending money at the pub. It is fun to play and requires components that come at the fractional cost of other pub games like pool or table soccer. All that is left is to set it up on the wall, call some of your best buds and bring a crate of your favorite beer.

But before the fun starts, you need to set up the dartboard properly to reap most of its benefits. For starters, you need a medium to large sized room. A garage or even the attic may be the perfect fit. But for the rest of the tips for setting up the room, you will have to go through this guide. Here, you will learn about the simple steps can take to have the ultimate dartboard setup with official measurements, flooring and even mounting options.

Setting up shop

Finding the right location for a game like darts is not an easy task. Things can go wrong in a matter of seconds if you don’t take some precautions. The walls and floors should be protected, there should be a separate place for spectators and players, and the playing area should be child protected.

To help you with these precautions, here is a list of things which you should keep in mind when bringing the famous pub game to your house.

Figuring out the space

To begin with, the first thing you need to do is make an estimate of how many of your friends will come to play and adjust the playing area according to that. The playing space should not be restrained by furniture or any other obstacles and it should be at least 7 feet wide and 12 feet long. So, even if some friends of friends come, you don’t run out of place.

Darts is a very popular game and you’ll meet a lot of new people once you have a dedicated room for it. You need to take this into account before arranging everything. Additionally, on the wall beside the place where you’ll hang the dartboard, make sure you have some space for scorecard. It should be in the line of sight for everyone and right in the face of the suckers who dared challenge you and are now at the bottom.

Dealing with warped floors

Crooked floor is a weird concept – we never really pay attention to what’s underneath our feet. But it’s not uncommon – floor may get warped over time or due to water if the flooring is wooden. Concrete floors are less likely to be twisted, but there is no harm in checking it out too.

The bottom line is – nobody wants to play on crooked floor. No matter how close your friends and family are to you, they’ll not play darts on a warped floor. They are spooky and generally uncomfortable to stand on, so make sure that your floor is level.

The extent of warping on your floor will determine your next step. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to change the entire flooring – but that is highly unlikely. Often, these floors can be fixed by using carpets, door mats and cardboard.

Don’t worry, the dream is still on, and now we will move on to the next step.

Darts mats and flooring materials

You don’t have to change the flooring of your house to play darts (can you imagine though? That would make it more expensive than golf!) But if you have the budget, why not go for it? It may not be an option for all of us, but for those of you who are still reading, custom floors are your best option.

The life of your darts will depend on the type of flooring you choose. Nobody wants to keep replacing them after every two weeks. Some floor materials will damage your darts and they will lose their sharpness. The bull’s eye you just hit will be nothing when the dart is on the floor.

If you can’t change the flooring, get a dart mat, which is nothing but a roll out rubber sheet that will greatly reduce the fall damage of the darts. Not everybody you are going to play with will hit the board. There will always be that one guy who will smash the darts into the wall or the floor. Concrete floors will break the darts and darts will puncture the wooden ones, carpets will fade away due to foot traffic and vinyl ones are prone to get holes.

So, no matter what type of flooring you have, it is probably not good enough. You must get a dart mat to properly enjoy the game.

Furnishing the room

Now that you have a proper spacious room and appropriate floors, you can start thinking about hanging the dartboard. The dartboard must be hung in a safe and isolated place. You don’t want to keep it near a door or a window. Remember that friend who smashed your darts into the wall? He’ll smash them into the window too.

Anything that is fragile and breakable has to stay out of the room at all costs. You don’t want to cut yourself while clearing the broken glass in your gaming lounge. So, throw out anything that is breakable before nailing this board into the wall. Also, keep in mind that the board shouldn’t be nailed where have to pass in front of it when they must go somewhere. You don’t want to keep pausing every time someone wants a drink or has to go home.

It is also natural that you will be drinking when playing darts – it is, after all, a pub game. Remember – drunk people are the least cautious and accurate, so make sure the fridge (if you have one) and exit are directly opposite to the dartboard. It’ll reduce the chances of injury.

Protect the wall

You are planning to get drunk and play darts, so it’ll be wise to get some protective cover for your wall. Darts will not always hit the board, so buy a wooden block or cabinet to place behind it. Depending on your budget, you can buy something cheap or extremely expensive. The goal is to safeguard the wall and surrounding area.

A 3 x 4 inches of wooden block with 1.5 inches of thickness will be enough to create a protective layer. I’d recommend you not to spend a lot of money on these things as they’ll wear out quickly and will need replacement. A piece of foam will also get the job done, but it’ll fall apart and create a mess every time you hit it.

Plywood or cork cabinets may be your best options, they are very cheap and can be bought at any local shop.

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Hanging and Markings of the Board

Rules are the foundation of any game and measurements their distant cousin. Without correct measurements, the optimal level of challenge may increase or decrease and you may end up playing a completely different game that has no similarity with the popular dart game found in most pubs.

To ensure the setup is optimal, you need a large enough space that fits the measurements mentioned below, and leaves extra room for future customization.

Height from the floor

According to International Standards and Regulations, the bull’s eye or center of your dartboard should be exactly 5 feet and 8 inches above the floor. For readers on the other side of the Atlantic, it is 1.73 meters. It is better to measure the dart board itself before any mounting attempts, since its radius makes up a portion of the height.

Horizontal Throw Line Distance

Soft tip and steel tip dart boards have extremely minute differences between their throw line distance. For soft tip dart boards, it is 8 ft or 2.44 meters and this measurement decreases by ¾ inches or 0.07 meters when it comes to steel tip dartboards.

A common mistake people often make is that they measure this distance from the wall till the throw line, instead of measuring it from the face of the dartboard. You can measure the thickness of the dartboard and then add that into your calculations while measuring throwing line distance from the wall.

Diagonal Throw Line Distance

This method involves measuring throwing line distance from the bull’s eye diagonally, instead of horizontally. The difference in distance still exists between electronic board (soft tip dartboard) and steel tip dartboard. For steel tip dart boards this diagonal distance should be 9 feet 7 ⅜ inches or 2.93 meters and for soft tip dartboards it should be 9 feet 9 ½ inches or 2.98 meters.

To accurately measure this distance, you’ll need someone to hold one end of measuring tape at the bull’s eye so you can take the other end to the front of throw line.

Throw distance for ladies

Darts is an interesting game and is equally appealing for everyone, irrespective of their age and gender. So, there is no surprise that even women love playing darts. Very often, the question arises “Should the throwing distance be same for men and women?” and the answer is yes. In international tournaments the board is kept at the same distance for everyone.

However, there are many local darts leagues in the world, especially in the UK, who keep less throwing distance for women. For our friends over the lake, the rules may be difference, but in the US, the distance does not change. Make sure you use this knowledge when you are entertaining your lady friends.

Dartboard setup for especially abled people

For people in wheelchairs, the height to throw darts at the target is not the same as a standing player. So, to resolve this issue, you should note that a dartboard height of 137 cm for wheelchair players is equivalent to a dartboard height of 173 cm for standing players.

How to mount the board

You have cross checked everything, distances have been measured, protective covers have been bought, there are no doors and windows, and you have the perfect location for your game. Now it’s time to mount everything. You’ll need a drill, screwdriver, pencil and a measure tape. Oh – and the instructions! Here they are:

Mounting the back cover

Mark the position of the bull’s eye on the wall and start working according to it. The dart board is supposed to be at the center of this back cover. So, assuming that your board is square, drill all the four corners with a nail each into the wall. Use more nails if you have to, but stabilize it properly. Make sure that the top edge of this cover has a U opening, if it does not, cut it out yourself. We’ll need this opening to hang the dart board.

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Mounting the board

Drill a three to a four-inch nail into the wall above the U opening on the back cover. Hang your dart board from this nail and make sure there is no air gap between the board and the cover. Once it is in the perfect position, use more nails around the U opening to stabilize it even further.

Mounting the scoreboard

Get a small white board from Amazon or any local shop. It will come with its own hanging setup; all you have to do is drill the nails into the wall at least 3 feet away from the back cover and you are good to go.

The only thing missing now is a small cooler or fridge to keep the drinks cold. Get it and your personal gaming lounge is ready.

Closing thoughts

Making a gaming room in the house is not an easy task, but if you can get permission to build it from your wife or girlfriend, it will be a dream come true. This room will give you and your friends countless memories for years to come.

You no longer need to go to the bar to enjoy a game of darts, you can create a setup within your room. And who knows, you can even charge your friends for it, once you show how amazing and chill it is (we kid, just a little). So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start setting up your gaming lounge today!