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Best Halex Dart Boards to Buy

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Tap into the highest league of dart gaming with dart boards made by Halex

What makes an already challenging game of darts more exciting and challenging? It’s the dare of playing on a perfectly accurate, meticulously-crafted dart board, and still making your mark. Face it, folks, this is a thoroughly occupying pastime that can easily turn into an addiction. And to support such an amusement, you need a dart board that holds up.

The best of dart boards

  1.         Use premium quality materials
  2.         Are made by trusted manufacturers
  3.         Offer warranty on products and workmanship for at least a year

And these features spell confidence in the product and its maker.

For this reason, trust a maker of dart equipment who makes dart boards in many different variants, sets of darts to add to your collection, and tune-up kits to help you hone the game.

For you, the discerning player of darts, it’s important to take note of these features and frills, and get your hands on the best. Then you can double down and engross yourself in the thrills of the game.

The perfect avenue for your energies is this list of Halex dart board models that satisfy all your needs for some bracing throwing fun. Halex, a popular manufacturer of table tennis products and accessories, also makes tournament-grade dart boards and dart gaming accessories.

Best Halex Dart Boards for Every Budget 

1. Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0 Electronic Dartboard in Wood Cabinet Brown

For a relaxed two-person game of darts, the perfect answer among Halex boards is the Millennia 1.0 Electronic Dartboard that comes housed in a quaint wood cabinet of brown stain. Open the doors to reveal that the classic look ends there and the board inside is quite modern. The doors are carefully crafted to remain in the closed position when not in use; in fact there is nothing loose or lopsided about this gaming dart board. It comes with a set of 6 long-tipped darts.

All sectors of the playing area have uniform retentivity of darts. It is suitable for some heavy-duty gaming whether you play everyday or only at the weekends. Much of this is due to the strong construction around the cabinet – the hinges and the doors. Some players report that the audio is rather low. Before starting a game of cricket, it is best to check the volume controls. In a group setting, the sound may still be felt to be rather low.

The Millennia 1.0 is equipped with a voice announcer that also does some trash talking, but for those who regard this as noise, the option to turn it off is present. It is a moderately-priced, medium-performance dart board. It comes programmed with 28 games and 167 variations in levels. Sometimes it does report a bounce-out issue, but this problem can mostly be avoided by using the darts given with the kit (which also includes some extra dart tips). It comes with a power cord.

Stand-out features

  • Minimal bounce-out problem. Excellent dart retention on all areas of the playing surface
  • Quite durable for this price point. Easily lasts upwards of 5 years.


  • Aesthetically pleasing, woodgrain finish looks like authentic wood
  • Sturdy construction – hinges and doors are solid
  • Value for money
  • Dual mode score display is available for cricket games
  • Volume controls are adjustable or can be turned off altogether


  • Need to order extra darts
  • Short power cord

Bonus tip: If you need help with installation and feel the installation guide is not clear enough, look for easy help from YouTube installation videos.

2. Halex Nova 1.0 Multiple Player Electronic Dartboard LCD Scoring 64311

This is a soft-tip dart board that comes with a battery compartment, and therefore, has no need for a power supply. Halex makes this one a tournament-sized dart board measuring at 13 ¾” in diameter. It comes with a crystal-clear LCD scoring display. Scores are also announced by the audio system along with engaging sound effects. In this one, you can set up gameplay with as many as 5 real-life opponents, or play with computer opponents.

The package includes 6 soft-tip darts (in two colors) and replacements for the tips. It comes with a detailed set of instructions for setting up the dart board and suggested rules for gameplay. Users go on to express great satisfaction with the looks and functionality of this dart board. Installation is straightforward and easy, and can be placed in a game room, office, or home. The problem of bounce-outs does not rear its head as long as the tips of the darts are in good condition. This is why ordering extra darts will add to your convenience.

Stand-out features

  • With 20 games and 65 variations within, it gives many options for built-in gaming such as English Cricket, Around The Clock, Call Three and Castle
  • Wide catching ring for errant throws minimizes damage to the back wall and other gaming surfaces


  • Bounce-out rate is low
  • Aesthetically-designed playing surface


  • Placement of battery compartment is flawed
  • Darts provided are weak

Bonus tip: It’s extremely important to take care of the tips of the darts. Order extras if necessary. Throwing repeatedly in the same area causes the darts to hit one another and damage the flights of the darts thrown first. A flick of glue can bring the flights back into position. If you order extra darts, be sure to try out aluminum ones. These are stronger than the ones provided, and the problem of weak darts solves itself.

3. Halex Avengers Electronic Dartboard

Who says an electronic dart board has to cost a bomb? This modest number by Halex is here to prove that you can have fun with darts even at a budget. The Avengers Electronic Dart board made by Halex is made for soft-tip darts and is the perfect round playing surface presented on a rounded-off structure with the LCD display at the bottom of the playing area. The sides of the display can show scores of up to 8 players. The set of dart board and 6 darts are powered by batteries (3 AAA batteries) but these are not included in the kit.

The usual suspects of 21 games and 65 level variations within these games are available similar to other Halex offerings. If you wish to explore beyond these, you can always sign up for Cybermatch and play with the computer opponent, which also presents different levels of challenge within. This light dart board weighing at 5 pounds can be easily installed on the deck, in an exclusive game room, or even in the living room.

All told, this is a beginners’ dart board that will not serve the purpose of a tournament level player. A good idea would be to practice on this board and graduate to better ones after a year or so, as this brings to you all the features available in a tournament-grade dart board. For this price point, it is a reasonable trade-off.

Stand-out features

  • Interactive voice feature announces scores and also praises the good throws and ticks off the bad ones. It is possible to turn this off if it distracts you, though
  • Perfect for young gamers who wish to try out an electronic dart board, as it is economical


  • Suitable for beginners because of soft-tips
  • Many gaming options


  • Bounce-outs are high
  • Low quality of darts included in the set

4. Halex Madison Electronic Dart Board with Contemporary Cabinet

The thing to note about the dart boards on this list is that they are all good on giving you value for money. This is particularly true in the case of the Halex Madison variant, which packs the big bang for your buck.

This one is essentially a true-blue bristle dart board that can support decent quality darts of both the steel-tip and soft-tip variety. Be warned that tournament-grade darts will damage this board quicker, and the fibers will take longer to heal from a higher-grade onslaught. For the medium-level player, however, this provides proper functionality coupled with great looks. The first thing you notice will be the cabinet – a contemporary style couple of doors that open to reveal the melange of darts and the actual gaming console. The scores of the punters are shown in the display that’s placed above the throwing area. For a cool 38 games (the list of which is available on one door), there are 211 variations which means plenty of entertainment and practice is in the offing. These games are designed to help you refine aim and gain accuracy.

Dual Cricketview is available for these avid gamers, and there is another feature that some might enjoy. The voice announcer reads out scores and applauds good throws and also spews some choice trash talk. All these features are powered by electricity and you can plug in your Halex Madison dart board to power supply using the AC adapter provided. Altogether, it comes on the heavier side at 14 pounds or 6.35 kg

Stand-out features:

  • 5 different LED-enabled screens show off cricket scores. The ones on the side follow the X O convention while one at the centre is for the digital reading
  • Regulation-size playing area supports up to 8 players


  • High number of games and in-game variations
  • Cabinet helps to protect of deviant throws
  • Ultra-modern look of cabinet looks good in game room
  • Double-in/Double-out features available


  • Trash talk can get annoying to some, can be turned off
  • The darts and dart-tips are not covered under the warranty

5. Halex Bristle Tech Electronic Dartboard

Once the convenience and accuracy of electronic dart boards is found out, it’s hard to ignore. Down to the last one on this list, you will see how electronic dart boards triumph over others and win players’ favor. This Bristle Tech board can be used for both soft-tipped darts and steel-tipped darts. Included in the gaming kit you receive with this purchase are 12 soft-tip darts, an AC adapter, and a set of replacements for the soft tips. It has a rounded-off look with the number ring, game selector keys, display, and speaker housed around the dart board following the circular schematic, and weighs in at 7 pounds or 3.17 kg. The display right below the scoring area is lit up by an ElectroLight Scoring Display. The speaker to its right announces the scores in digital format along with other sound effects.

The Bristle Tech dart board comes with 21 pre-programmed games and 65 level variations within the games. It is possible to gather up your friends and have a rousing game of throwing; make sure all your friends throw hard so that they don’t miss out on scoring. To play with a computer opponent, you have to apply the Cybermatch feature. Even in this, you can select different levels of difficulty.

The remarkable feature is that you can use steel-tips on this dart board, something which not a lot of electronic dart boards accommodate. Seasoned players would call it a dart board suitable for recreational use because of a slight issue of bounce-outs, but this is again quite low. The important thing for beginners to realize is that any board requires some getting used to. As you become more familiar with the board, the bounce-out rate reduces. The other slight negative observed is that the bull’s eye is not sharp enough and sometimes fails to recognizes a throw.

Overall, although this is not the best of the electronic dart board systems made by Halex, it is still great value for money:

Stand-out features

  • Allows gameplay with computer and real-life opponents
  • Excellent value-for-money, watch out for discounts


  • Steel-tip compatible
  • Low bounce-out rate
  • Withstands heavy use


  • Electronic scoring system is not durable
  • Bull’s eye is low on reception

Final thoughts

Halex dart boards with power supply and battery power enjoy near equal favor among players. Halex keeps its head above its competition by packing in many gaming options, and good-looking boards to go into your game room. All these features packed into moderately-priced dart boards that still offer electronic display and audio options make them good for starters.

Start off with these tournament-grade electronic dart boards made by Halex and give them a good run before you pick out a more expensive variant.

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