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Best Bowling Balls for Beginners

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While bowling, participants roll a ball to knock the pins arranged in a Tetractys at the end of the lane. There is a 15-feet gap between the starting point and the foul line; here, a player can impart speed and apply the required rotation to the ball before releasing it. The lanes are about 60 feet long. To make things complex and scoring points tough, mineral oils are applied to them in different patterns. So, how do young players find the best bowling balls for new players to deal with all this?

The bowling ball has gone through several changes in its design and building material use since the 1990s. And now, there are several balls that can bag the same point for a novice player as a professional bowler. Because of the advanced technology, the balls are able to handle oil patterns of a bowling alley. But, it might be a little difficult to pick the best balls for beginners or entry-level players.

Besides using several different kinds of cores, manufacturers are now incorporating many ground-up materials like rubber ceramic, glass, and many such things to enhance the friction of the ball. But, not all balls are made for beginners or entry-level players. So, to help new players, we have put together our choice of best balls for new bowlers.

10 Best Bowling Balls for Beginners with Reviews

1. Antidote Bowling Ball by Pyramid

The Antidote Bowling Ball from the house of Pyramid uses the new era 149 Symmetric Core, which is a high-density ceramic core. It provides 2.55 RG, 0.054 Differential, and a medium flare potential of 3”-4”. The combination of high RG and Differential of this core enables it for maximum flare potential and a better continuation than other balls.

This ball uses GPS navigational solid coverstock. It has the superior ability to deliver optimum performance in the heavy oil condition, which makes it one of the best bowling balls for entry-level players. This coverstock comes with a 2000 Grit Abralon factory finish that ensures a much smoother and longer reaction with the surface.


  • Ideal for medium to heavy oil conditions
  • Has a Perfect Scale Rating of 201.60
  • Comes in 12-16lbs weight variants
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Needs Monster Foam cleaner for best performance
  • Doesn’t have any lightweight variant less than 12lbs

2. T-Zone Patriot Blaze Bowling Ball by Brunswick Bowling Products

The all-new T-Zone Patriot Blaze Bowling Ball from the house of Brunswick has a coverstock made of plastic. Besides, it has many colors that are vibrant to look at, making it a bowling ball that is hugely preferred by beginners. It comes with a high gloss finish and delivers a hook potential of 25 on a scale of 10 to 175.

This ball delivers maximum length and has a breakpoint about 30 on a scale of 10 to 100. It also ensures an average RG of 8.7, making it suitable for almost any lane condition. Brunswick also assures a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to provide unmatched after-sales service. And, with all these features, it has already established itself as a great entry-level ball.


  • Works like a charm when used as a spare ball
  • One of the most affordable T-Zone balls
  • Great for beginners and young players
  • Comes in 6-16lbs weight variants


  • Comes undrilled, as of now
  • Delivers extremely low hook in any lane condition

3. Pro-Motion Bowling Ball by Storm

Australian bowler Jason Belmonte collaborated with the research and development team of Storm to create this unique ball. It features a cutting-edge weight block design that is beneficial for all skill groups. The symmetric but dynamic ‘Piston’ core of this ball has many unique characteristics to make it great for almost any lane condition.

It has a Spec solid coverstock that supports a wide range of motion in all kinds of oil conditions. The combination of the ‘Low RG – high Differential’ core and aggressive solid cover stock ensure the benchmark performance of this ball. Besides, it has 2000 Grit Abralon factory finish to provide maximum flare potential. This ball now comes in 14-16lbs weight variants.


  • Consistent motion and glide along bowling lane
  • Comes with SPEC Solid Reactive coverstock
  • Attractive and vibrant steel blue color
  • Comes in a Vanilla Snap fragrance


  • Shipped undrilled without any hole
  • Doesn’t have any lightweight variants less than 14lbs

4. Night Prowler by DV8

The all-new divergent core and Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) make the Night Prowler one of the best balls for newbies. Besides, this combination assures better power and more durability. The new core yields minimal compression, thus increasing the overall hitting power. And, this feature creates a never-seen-before pin carrying ability and crisp sound.

This ball features the N-Forcer SF Pearl Reactive coverstock that assures the required bite in all the lane conditions, although it works like a charm in the medium oil lane conditions. This coverstock also enables this ball to glide amazingly on the front lane and then react in a smooth motion on the back-end. It also ensures maximum flip with minimum effort.


  • Comes with 500 Stair/Crown compound factory finish
  • 4-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes in 12-16lbs weight variants
  • Glides through the front end
  • Reacts smoothly on the back-end


  • Comes undrilled without any hole
  • Needs Ultimate Black Magic Rejuvenator for best performance

5. Curse Bowling Ball by Pyramid

The Curse Bowling Ball from the house of Pyramid features the ideal combination of SG Equinox symmetric core and GPS Navigational ATX coverstock. The combo of ‘Low RG and High Differential’ in this core enables great mid-line reading. Besides, it finds the best path and then hits the pins with superior accuracy. It also delivers superior glide.

This ball comes with 2000 Grit Abralon factory finish that makes it one of the most popular bowling balls used by beginners. Moreover, this finish also assures the higher push through the heads, followed by a great reaction on the back-end. This ball has 2.49 RG and 0.055 Differential with a medium flare potential of nearly 3”-4”.


  • Works like magic in the medium to heavy oil conditions
  • Has a Perfect Scale Rating of 211.50
  • Comes with 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes in 12-16lbs weight variants


  • Requires Monster Foam cleaner for best performance
  • Perfect for those looking for some hook

6. Vibe Orange by Hammer

The new Vibe Orange by Hammer is a mid-performance ball with a newly-innovated Vibe core wrapped with the CT Reactive Plus coverstock. This fusion does not just make it a very popular bowling ball among beginners; it also enables the ball to glides like no other. The symmetric core gives it proper balance and delivers great power.

The new Vibe core is infused with Carbon fire, one of the toughest materials on the planet. Besides, it comes with a 500/2000 Abalone powerhouse factory finish that complements the 2.51 RG and 0.039 Differential of this ball. It is also USBC-approved and is suitable for any tournament or challenge against your friends.


  • Comes in a vibrant and attractive orange color
  • Works best in medium to light oil lane conditions
  • Comes in 10-16lbs weight variants
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Needs to be used with Hammer Touch N’ Tacky
  • Must be drilled and fitted by a certified pro shop

7. T-Zone Carribean Blue Bowling Ball by Brunswick Bowling Products

The innovative T-Zone Carribean Blue bowling ball from the house of Brunswick does not just come in vibrant colors; it also assures outstanding durability, the best in its class. It delivers pinpoint accuracy for all the skill groups to make it suitable for bowlers who are just starting out. The new TZone Bullet core offers 2.696 minimum RG with 0.019 Differentials.

This ball comes with a High Gloss Polish that delivers hook potential of nearly 25 on a scale of 10 to 175. And, the low potential also makes it perfect for the straight bowlers. It works quite well for the professional bowlers if used correctly as a spare. Besides, this bowling ball comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to ensure efficient after-sales service.


  • Works best if used as a spare ball with the right power
  • One of the most affordable balls to buy this year
  • Works pretty well in almost any lane condition
  • Comes in 6-14lbs weight variants


  • Doesn’t have any pre-drilled variant as of now
  • Mainly suited dry to desert-dry lane conditions

8. Halo Bowling Ball by Roto-Grip

Available in a combo of coal, fuchsia, and sky blue colors, the new Halo Bowling Ball by Roto-Grip has Centrum core with MicroTrax-S18 Solid coverstock. This asymmetric ultra-strong core offers excellent glide and durability; It also offers superior friction induced by the proven coverstock. This combination provides the same motion you can usually find in the signature Hyper Cell line.

The new Centrum core is specially engineered to increase the overall rotation of the ball. And, for that, it smoothly rotates through any lane condition. This ball now comes with 2000 Grit Pad factory finish to compliment the core-coverstock balance. Besides, this ball provides 2.49 RG that makes it work like magic in extremely heavy oil lane conditions.


  • Comes in 12-16lbs weight variants
  • Strong back-end hook that’s good for hitting the pocket 
  • Optimum control with minimum effort through the mid-lane
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Doesn’t have any lightweight variant less than 12lbs
  • Comes undrilled without any hole

9. Golden Jackal by Motiv

The newly-designed Golden Jackal from the house of Motiv comes with Predator V5 asymmetric core that ensures the best hook power. Besides, it offers a huge track flare potential to make it suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to pro bowlers. This core has a low RG, which makes it quite easy to rev. And, this feature ensures more length and unimaginable back-end motion.

This ball comes with a Hexion SE Pearl coverstock that assures a powerful but controlled angle in the back-end in medium to heavy oil lane conditions. Besides, it comes with a 4000 Grit LSS finish that helps with optimum lane motion without losing any traction. The combination of the coverstock and the finish also makes it ideal to use it as a strike ball. It is a good ball for entry-level bowlers who want to develop their hooking skills.


  • Comes in 14lbs, 15lbs, and 18lbs weight variants
  • Offers extremely high flare potential of nearly 7″+
  • Gives optimum control in heavier oil lane conditions
  • Works well for the beginners


  • Gets dirty easily 
  • Doesn’t have any lightweight variant less than 14lbs

10. Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball by Brunswick Bowling Products

The Hearts Glow Viz-A-Ball by Brunswick is not just one of the most spectacular balls for female players; it is one of the best balls for bowlers who are just beginning to play. It is made of high-quality polyester material that glows under blacklight. It features an exclusive 360-degree limited edition graphics for an unmatched look. You can buy matching heart bags, wrist bands, towels, shoe covers, etc. to complete your style statement.

This ball comes with a compound single buff finish that provides optimum control and performance in any lane condition; however, it works best in dry to desert-dry lane conditions. Due to its plastic coverstock and the ability to go straight, it remains one of the best balls for practice. However, it also works well if you want something that can go straight for the spares.


  • Comes in 6-16lbs weight variants
  • Excellent choice for young players, especially women
  • Works best when used as a spare ball
  • Stylish and appealing


  • May have an unnoticeable seam where two halves join
  • Heart-shape patterns on the ball may not always align

How to choose the Right Bowling Ball (Beginner)

The first significant development in bowling was when rubber balls were introduced in this game in 1905. But, the major breakthrough came when plastic balls replaced them in 1959. And finally, the polyurethane balls were introduced in the 1980s. Since then, polythene is the main component of any ball, although manufacturers also mix it with materials like ceramic, glass, etc.

Coverstocks were later introduced for better hooking potential. It does so by creating friction between the ball and the bowling lane. The first reactive resin coverstocks came in the 1990s, followed by particle-enhanced resin coverstocks. So, how does a beginner pick the right ball to get the best results?

The Right core

We have already seen the use of different cores in the ball. The cores or the weight blocks went through several technological upgradations to increase the overall dynamic imbalance of the ball. 

That imbalance of the ball, along with the reaction of coverstock, enhances the hooking or curving motion. And, large hooking potential achieves much higher entry angles to further increase the overall game score and strike percentage.

Coverstock according to your bowling pattern

Besides plastic or polyurethane coverstocks, there are mainly four types of coverstocks that come under the reactive coverstock category. The solid reactive coverstock has the greatest amount of microscopic pores on the surface. The pearl reactive coverstock is made with mica additives to increase the friction on drier lane conditions.

The hybrid reactive coverstocks have a combo of solid coverstock and pearl reactive coverstock; this gives a mid-lane reaction and solid back-end reaction. Finally, there’s particle coverstock made by incorporating microscopic silica particles to achieve controlled delivery on medium to heavy oil lanes.

Since the introduction of new coverstocks and weight blocks, the hooking potential has increased dramatically. And for that, sometimes players purposely use plastic or urethane balls to avoid the large hooks.

Proper finish to get the right surface of the ball

The motion and angle of the ball also depend on the surface. A rough ball surface provides more friction in the oily front end; it then reacts quite less in the dry back-end, thus providing an early hook. 

On the other hand, a smooth surface glides along the oily surface and then comes into contact with the dry back-end. Thus, it provides a sharper hook. Remember that different kinds of cores and coverstocks react differently to the surfaces.

Concentrate on RG and Differentials

The overall characteristic of a ball also depends on the RG and Differential. RG refers to Radius of Gyration; Differential, on the other hand, is the difference between the maximum and the minimum RG. In fact, the Differential indicated the overall track flare potential of the ball. 

These two factors also indicate how sharply the ball will hook. A higher Differential is not only a sign of greater track flare potential but also of increased angular motion from the breakpoint. And, a lower differential indicates a smoother arch of hook.


Bowling has been a part of our culture for a long time; and over the generations, the bowling ball has evolved. Interestingly the first known depiction of bowling is in an Egyptian tomb dating back to 5200 BC. Then, the legendary King Edward III first officially mentioned this game in 1366 AD; he banned it for distracting the archery practice! Today, there are balls designed just for beginners. So, pick the best balls will help you hone your skills, and enjoy bowling!

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