Best Dart Mats to Save the Floor

Most amateur darts players do not understand the importance of a good dart mat. It is obvious that you will not hit the bull’s eye every time and the darts will not always stick to the board. In such cases, you don’t want the darts to fall on your rough floor and lose their sharpness. 

This situation will occur every time you play darts, no matter how much of a hard-hitter you are. It is a part of the game and you can not avoid it. It also does not make sense to buy darts after every other game. 

To avoid damage to your precious darts, install a dart mat in your gaming lounge. A dart mat is a simple rubberized sheet which will greatly reduce the impact of the fall. It will also prevent your darts from losing their sharpness. 

There are a number of dart mats available in the market and in the online retail world, but if you are looking to get the best of the best, you have landed at the right places.

dart board without cabinet

Here is a list of top 5 best dart mats available in the market:

1. Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat

Shot! is a very professional looking doormat that does its job with perfection. The industrial-grade hard rubber will save your darts from damaging the floor and lose their sharpness. It measures 9 feet into 2 feet and weighs only 20 pounds. 

The best reason for buying this mat is that it will save you from drawing throw lines on the floor or on the mat. This is because the official soft tip and steel tip dart throw lines are engraved on it. The Shot! mat can be used anywhere, whether it is for regular games at home or in competitive tournaments. It is comfortable under the foot and does not roll or curl unless excessive pressure is applied. 

The darts will not bounce off it when they fall, as it is designed to absorb shock. Your soft tip darts will be totally secure. Over a period of time, the mat will pay for itself in darts saved alone. One other thing which is really interesting about this product is that it is endorsed and used by the US national champion Chris White. What bigger endorsement could you ask for?

All in all, this is a very good mat. It is strong and long-lasting. When you are done playing, you can simply just roll it up and put it in your shelf. Its graphic design is appealing and will go hand in hand with any gaming room. It can be bought from Amazon or from the official website of Shot.


  • It looks classy and sophisticated.
  • Made from very high quality of rubber.
  • The throwing lines are easy to see, neither too bright nor too dull.
  • It is durable and will last for years to come.
  • The darts will not bounce off it.
  • Reasonable price.


  • It is not available in all countries.
  • It is not reversible. 
  • A bit bulky. 

2. Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat

This mat is a little different than the other products on this list. It is made from cushioned vinyl which is an alternative to rubber. Professional dart players have differing opinions about mats, some prefer rubber over vinyl while others vice versa. It is a personal choice, but if you intend to make a living out of this game, you should be comfortable with both. 

Vinyl is not very different than rubber, it serves the same purpose of protecting the floor and darts from each other. This particular mat works great for soft dart tips but is mediocre for steel ones. The material used is non-slippery and comfortable to walk on.

The dimensions of this mat are 117 x 24 x 0.25 in inches and it weighs just under 8 pounds. So, it is far lighter as compared to some other products in the market. The official throwing distances for steel tip and soft tip come embossed in black colour on it. However, the mat itself is in black, so it’s hard to see these lines. It will be difficult for beginners to adjust to this mat. 

If you are looking for a good quality thick dart mat, this is your best bet. It is very light and can be placed in any compartment. It is best suited for homes. Although this product by Viper is not cheap by any means, it is a one-time investment only. 


  • Good quality mat with elegant design. 
  • Easy to roll and store. 
  • Perfect for soft-tip darts.
  • The non-slippery design is comfortable to walk.


  • Vinyl is very hard to clean.
  • Price is a bit expensive.
  • Not suitable for steel-tip darts.
  • Does not stay in place. 

3. ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat

If you are low on money and looking for a heavy-duty mat for your darts room, this is the product for you. It has all the features of an expensive mat but comes at a much lower price. The build quality is good, all the throwing lines are clearly inscribed, and it is lightweight. What else can you ask for in a mat for under fifty bucks!

The dimensions of this product are 25 x 6 x 6 in inches and it weighs just under 17 pounds. It is not the lightest mat in the market, but it will do the job. After rolling it up, the dimensions will reduce to 5 x 5 x 25 in inches, so you can easily store it in a closet or cupboard.

Some other features which are worth knowing about this mat are its durability, and the fact that it is anti-slip material which prevents it from sliding on floors. The only issue reported by users regarding this product is that it doesn’t smell great. It is probably cut from a large chunk of rubber sheet, so it will take its time to lose the natural scent. 

Usually, the foul smell goes away in a couple of days, but if it does stay, you can contact your seller and they should replace it.

Ultimately, this is a pocket-friendly product – it has some really great features for its price. It will be worth every penny and you will not regret this investment. It can be bought from Amazon or the official website of Zaap.


  • Made from heavy-duty plastic.
  • It is durable and has a great life.
  • The throw markings are easy to see.
  • Perfect for home as well as tournament competitions.
  • Does not burn a hole in your wallet.


  • The rubber smell is annoying.
  • Does not ship outside the USA.

4. Dart World Let’s Play Darts Dart Mat

This is one of the most complicated dart mat names that you will ever read, but don’t worry, the product itself is quite simple. This mat is recommended to every kind of player, it has all the necessary features and then some. It can be used inside a home or at a tournament. 

Players who are aspiring to be professionals should definitely take a look at this product. It is used in many tournaments and will be extremely beneficial for you to practice on. Training on professional pieces of equipment will give you an extra edge over your opponents and will also boost your confidence. 

The dimensions of this product are 32 x 6 inches and it weighs a little over 15 pounds. It is not lightweight and this is actually one of its advantages. The mat will stay in place when you walk on it, there will be no rolling or sliding on the floor. All the official markings are printed on the sheet in white color and the mat itself is in black color, so they are clearly visible. 

In terms of quality, this mat has passed all the tests with flying colors. Even though it is only 3 millimeters thick, it does an incredible job of protecting your darts. They will not bounce off it after falling from the board. Both the dart tips and the floor will do no harm to each other with this mat between them. 

However, users have reported that it is too thin to protect steel tip darts from damaging the floor. So, if you do use them, check it out in a store before finalizing buying. Besides this defect, the product is perfect for soft tip players.

This is a very good product with very unique features. It is made for professionals, so the price is a bit on the upper side. However, if you do have the budget, you can get it for your home. The black color will not draw any attention and the mat will blend seamlessly with any type of decor. You can buy it from Amazon or from the official website of Dart World.


  • Superior build quality and smooth design.
  • It is made from a very durable rubber, so it will last long.
  • The non-slip micro grip will keep it in place without any movement.
  • A good mat for both professionals and beginners. 


  • Price is a bit on the upper side.
  • The rubber smell is a bit annoying.
  • The thickness is not sufficient for steel tip darts.

5. Winmau Outshot Soft-Feel Dart Mat

Winmau makes special products in every category. They are strong and long-lasting. It is one of the companies you can put your trust in without any fear. This particular mat is no exception to their line of products, it continues their standard of outstanding quality. However, only go for Winmau if you have some extra cash, because their items are a little overpriced. 

The mat is made from high quality dense fiber which is stylish and durable at the same time. It is covered with rubber on top and on the bottom so that it does not slip. Moreover, it is very comfortable to walk on and you won’t have any reason to to pause your game to readjust the mat. 

The dimensions of the mat are 25 x 6 x 6 in inches and it weighs just over 12 pounds. It is lightweight, so you can easily fold it and keep it any compartment when you are not playing. All the official throw lines are marked on the mat with white color. They are easy to see since the mat itself is black. 

The only issue with this mat is that it is not able to catch “bounce outs” properly. It is a minor problem. sure. But for the price the company is selling it for, there have to be zero inconveniences for the customer. That is my only gripe with this product.

Overall, it is a very good mat and if you can afford it, go for it. No mat is perfect but this one comes pretty close.


  • The build quality is superior.
  • It stays in position and does not slip.
  • Measurements are according to official tournaments of darts.
  • It will last for many years.


  • Price is very expensive.
  • The new rubber smell is nasty.
  • The mat is a bit too wide for convenience.

Closing Thoughts

Before finalizing the perfect mat for your game, bear in mind the kind of flooring you have in your home. Friction will play an important role in selecting the right mat. A mat that requires constant adjustments is not a good fit either, since it should stay in place during regular gameplay. Moreover, it should be washable, no one likes to play on a dirty mat. 

One other thing which you should keep in mind while buying the mat is the accuracy and visibility of throw lines. Visibility can be judged beforehand, but not the accuracy. It is very easy to forget to remeasure the throw lines. Just check them before you start practicing. They can do real damage to your game play if you are careless about them. 

Once you have figured out everything (flooring, type of darts you use, color etc), you can ahead and click on that big, shiny Order button! 


Best Dart Cases to Secure your Darts

If you play darts on a regular basis, you do know how important dart cases are. These simple boxes act as a storage unit for darts and other accessories. Dart tips are very sharp and it makes sense not to carry them around without proper protection. When watching a professional game, you must have seen players carrying these cases with themselves. Now you know why.

If you are already good at darts, it is time for the next step. Players who are serious about their play tend bring their own darts, flights, and cases. So, if you want to further improve your game, you must get the proper equipment. For the sake of this article, we will focus on dart cases.

It should be noted that you need to have at least two dart cases. Even if you are going to just use one at a time, you never know when the second one may come in handy.

Here is a list of the best cases available in the market:

1. Casemaster Legion 9

This is a very premium case and it is popular among professional players all over the world. Its entire body is made from aluminum, and it looks like a tiny briefcase. Aluminum is a good choice for construction, as it is sturdy, strong and lightweight.

With its big size, this dart case has a lot of space. It can hold up to 3 sets of darts (nine darts in total), 12 flights and 10 barrels. Apart from all this, it has separate pockets for gloves, extra flights and more. Anything which you might need during your dart outing can be kept inside this case. 

Also, there are two separate accessory tubes on either side of the compartment for extra soft tips. In short, Legion 9 is ideal for players who have the habit of carrying more equipment than a darts store.

Since the entire case is made from aluminum, the build quality is superb. The crowning accomplishment of this case is its handle and bolts, they are chrome plated and match flawlessly with its color. In terms of security, the Casemaster Legion 9 is totally secure. It has a double locking buckle system, so the case will not open accidentally under any scenario. Moreover, it is easy to carry around, thanks to its ergonomic handle.

However, this case is not robust, it will get scratches if you do not take care of it. This is the only flaw in this design. Avoid tossing it on your bed or in the car. It comes with a limited warranty of 90 days on Amazon.


  •     The design is stylish and highly durable
  •     Can hold  3 complete sets of darts
  •     It has plenty of space for everything, not limited to darts accessories only
  •     Easy to carry from one place to another
  •     It looks like a premium case


  •     The large design is not fit for everyone, only for a few players
  •     The pockets are tight

2. Casemaster Quiver Black Dart Case

Not everyone likes to carry a small briefcase with them all the time, it is just not comfortable and convenient. For such people, Quiver Black is the best bet. It does not come with a large size and still manages to have a decent amount of storage.

The case is made from strong nylon fibers and has its own unique design. It is oval and has the Casemaster logo on the front. It opens via a zipper which is smooth and effortless.

Once opened, you will notice that the case has two sides in the front. You can store a set of three darts on the right-hand side and the other side is further divided into two parts for storing accessories. In the upper partition, there is enough space for six flights and the lower one is ideal for barrels and shafts. So, even with a relatively smaller size, you can carry almost everything you need for a game.

All the slots are very compact, and the accessories fit perfectly into them. This ensures that there is no unnecessary movement inside the case. For better protection, there are additional covers for the sharp tips of darts too.

However, the best feature of this case is not its storage or durability, it is the mobility. It can easily fit inside your pockets, so you don’t have to carry it around. It gives you a completely hands-free experience! 

This is as compact as it can get, you won’t be able to find a case smaller than this. Moreover, it also comes with a warranty of 90 days on Amazon. 


  •     Highly compact design allows it to fit into pant pockets
  •     Plenty of space for flights and barrels
  •     Amazing price
  •     Sturdy and durable


  •     Cannot fit darts if they are too long
  •     No extra pocket soft tips
  •     Darts can break when kept inside pockets for too long

3. Casemaster Select 3

Select 3 is a unique case. It is soft on the outside, and hard on the inside. It is usually the other way around in most of the cases. The hard resin interior will protect your bag from sharp dart tips. Select 3 opens with a simple chain along the circumference which is fairly smooth too. 

The darts are made to stand against one side of the bag, so they don’t just roll inside when you carry them. It can hold up to three complete darts at a time, therefore you can fit a whole set inside!

Apart from darts, you can keep other accessories here too. There are six other pockets for flights on the other side of the bag and a large plastic tube in the center for barrels or shafts. This tube can also hold soft tips which require extra protection.

The build quality of the case is good too. Foam is inserted between the layers on both sides. It will protect your darts from moisture and they will also be safe from sudden jerks or falls. This product is perfect for someone who is buying their first-ever case. Given the price the company is selling it for, this case is a good choice.

Casemaster Select 3 is available in two colors – Blue and Pink. It comes with a warranty of 90 days on Amazon. 


  •     Strong nylon cover to protect the accessories from all kinds of weather
  •     Separate pockets for flights, shafts, tips, and barrels
  •     Compact design with a size of 8 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches
  •     Plenty of room for cards and cash, even when it is full


  •     Holds only a single set of darts
  •     The zipper is not durable
  •     The natural position is closed, so you have to work to keep it open

4. Harrows Z800 Darts Case

Harrow is a well-established giant in the darts industry. Established in 1973 in England, the rise of Harrow has coincided with increasing popularity of the game of darts. In the present day, Harrows makes all kinds of equipment related to throwing darts, from flights to barrels to dartboards to dart cases.

The company covers all aspects of the game. Moreover, all their products have set benchmarks in terms of quality and build. The Z800 Case is no different, it has a wallet like style with two large pockets that can hold two sets of fully assembled darts. One of these pockets has a mesh with a Velcro enclosure for flights, barrels, and shafts.

Unfortunately, there are no specialized pockets for these accessories, you yourself have to sort out everything. The sacks which are provided inside the bag are identical, so it is easy to mix things up inside. It will take a while for the user to get used to them.

On the outside, the bag is made from durable nylon. It is soft and robust. For added protection, foam is inserted all around the bag, so it is secure from sudden jerks and falls. Carrying it around will not be an issue as it has a carabiner clip that can be attached to your belt.

This Z800 is a good case with some minor issues. It is available in a single green color on Amazon. To buy the case in other colors, you can visit the official website of the brand.


  •     Stylish design with vibrant colors like green, red, and blue
  •     Can hold a total of 6 fully equipped darts


  •     No separate space for flights, shafts, and barrels
  •     It does not have special protection for soft dart tips
  •     The darts are not in a secure position, they can damage the bag from inside
  •     Pricing does not match the quality and features

5. Metroline Double Deluxe Dart Case

Metroline is a pretty big name in the world of darts. It falls just below Harrow in terms of popularity. The products by Metroline do not disappoint, they are of the highest quality and have a great life as well.

The Metroline Double Deluxe Dart Case is made from nylon and fabric. It is a soft case and it is black in color. However, don’t be fooled by the smooth soft exterior of the product. It does not mean that it is not a strong case. It is sturdy enough to protect your darts from almost any environmental factor.

In terms of capacity, this bag can hold a total of six complete darts (2 sets) with ease. These darts are held together by heavy-duty plastic and the entire bag is secured by a zipper. Apart from these plastic holders, there is a single Velcro pocket for flights, barrels, and shafts.

This case is not meant for professional players. It is made for casual gamers who travel a lot. It will help them carry their darts in a secure way.

Apart from the fact that it does not have any dedicated pockets for accessories, this is a great bag. It is not made for professionals, so it makes sense that it does not have any exclusive features either, and that shows in its affordable price. The case is also extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. 


  •     Highly compact design
  •     It can fit two complete dart sets with ease
  •     Has an additional Velcro strap for added security
  •     The plastic holders are hard and secure
  •     Highly durable and sturdy exterior casing


  •     No additional space for accessories
  •     Average features

6. Casemaster Elite Jr Nylon Dart Carrying Case

This is the fourth Casemaster product in this list and it shows how brilliant all the products by Casemaster are. The brand makes good cases at an affordable price and this one is no different. The only major difference between this product and the Casemaster Select 3 is that it can store two sets of darts as compared to its one.

This entire case is made from strong nylon, inside and outside. The interior is hardened so that it is safe from sharp tips of darts. The box is secured by a zipper and when you open it, all the compartments are right in front of you. There are no separate zippers for the two sets. However, they are separated by a wall of pockets. 

This separation between the sets will be the place where the rest of the accessories will go. The case has a total of six pockets for flights. The barrels and shafts will go in the storage tubes beside these pockets. You can also store your soft tip darts in these tubes, they will be totally secure in this place. Moreover, there is a large card pocket inside this bag where you can store cash or credit cards.

Casemaster Elite Jr is worth every penny. The product is strong and durable, it will stay with you for years to come. The tightly woven nylon is very strong and takes very little damage. It can be easily washed when it is dirty, but before you do that, make sure you take everything out of the case.

It comes in a single black color with a warranty of 90 days.


  •     Lots of space for accessories with 6 pockets and 2 storage tubes
  •     The foam inside the bag keeps the darts straight and protected
  •     Tightly woven nylon will keep the moisture out with ease
  •     Affordable price.


  •     Overall, the case is a bit bulky
  •     Only suited for amateurs and intermediate players

7. Cosmo Darts Fit Flight Case

This dart case is not made for a set of players, it can be used by amateurs as well as professionals. The case is designed in such a way that every dart piece will fit inside it perfectly. The build quality is good too, and the attention to detail on designing is remarkable. 

The best feature of this case is its portability, it will sit near your pockets quite easily and you can carry your darts around with no hassle. The size of this case is small compared to other products on this list, but that does not take anything away from it. It can store a set of darts, around eight or nine flights and it has room for a player card or ID as well.

However, keep in mind that this is a soft case. It is not made for rough usage and you should be careful with it. Avoid throwing it around, and don’t wash it in a machine – it might lose its strength. If you absolutely need to, wash it with your hands.

Most cases in this list come in a single color or two, but not this one. It is available in six vibrant colors ranging from blue to purple. Get the color of your choice and stand out from the crowd.

It is a good dart case for almost anyone, but if you are a steel tip player, it is absolutely perfect for you. For beginners or someone who just wants a proper case for casual gameplay, the case is a good option too.


  •     Lightweight and compact design
  •     Available in a variety of unique colors
  •     The build quality is extremely good
  •     Thirty days money back guarantee


  •     Expensive product
  •     Without proper care, it will wear out quickly

Closing Thoughts

To sum everything up, finding the right dart case is not an easy task. Ultimately it depends on what you need and how you feel about it. There is no perfect case out there, and you might have to compromise on a few features. However, if you are patient and calm, you will find the best case for yourself.

Don’t rush into buying any product and if possible, go to the store and check some of them out. This way, you can feel the material and get a hold of their dimensions too. These are the two things which you cannot do on the internet. However, once you have located your perfect case, buy it from wherever you want!


Best Dart Flights for the Right Balance

There is a famous quote famous all around the world which describes the game of darts to perfection, and it is, “some things easy to learn but hard to master.”

Anyone can throw a dart; it’s not rocket science. But a professional player must know how to use all kinds of accessories to take their game to the next level. They should know how to be just under the radar, so they can maximize their advantage, without any fear of disqualification whatsoever.

If darts is just a casual bar game in your life, you don’t need to worry about flights or any other accessories. You are fine with regular darts which are available in the bar. Just practice with them and you will own your friends and everyone else in your circle.

However, if you want to take your game to the next level, you must understand the importance of dart flights and figure out which ones will work best for you. But if you don’t have any experience in choosing the right flight, here is a list of options which will help you find the perfect flight for yourself and rub your friends’ noses in the ground.

Dart with tailored flight heading for bulls-eye of dartboard -

5 Best Dart Flights: Our Recommendations & Guide

1. L-style L3 Dimple PRO Shape Dart Flights

There is a reason that the dart flights are one of the bestselling and most reliable flight charts. They are used by the current world darts champion, so you can rest assured that there must be something special about them.

When it comes to the quality, the L3D flights are very hard and they don’t break shape easily. Their sturdy design allows them to go through any tournament or league without any problem, so you won’t have to worry about changing them mid game. They allow you to focus on hitting the bull’s eye, and stop worrying about the darts.

The fins of the flights are pre-molded to each other at 90 degrees, so they give you a straight trajectory with high accuracy. The bottom edges of the fins are dotted to give you more air resistance which in turn will increase the stability in air.

One more area where the flights will give you an extra advantage over your opponents is their flexibility with shafts. They can be mounted on almost any type of shaft – nylon or metal. They offer the same consistency and stability in both. Even the heaviest of shafts will fly straight after these flights are attached to their tails.

So, if you prefer a heavy metal shaft, go with these flights. The L3D flights are made of plastic, so they are very light and do not add any weight to your dart, and can help you maintain the weight of your dart under 50g with ease.

All this stability does come at a cost, and that is the reduced speed of the dart. You may have to use more strength to adjust for this reduction in speed when using the flights. Another thing that might bother some players is their performance with light shafts. They do not go hand in hand with plastic shafts, the overall weight of the dart becomes very less and the stability is lost.

The best combination of these flights is with heavy shafts. The duo works together like a charm.


  • Dotted bottom edges provide more stability
  • Excellent with heavy shafts
  • Lightweight


  • Reduces speed of darts
  • Do not work well with lighter shafts

2. Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights

If you have been playing darts for a long time, you must be no stranger to the Harrows company. The brand has been in business for a long time now and they have an incredible history. The game of darts today has 30 million players across the globe and this company has played a major role in its development and popularity.

Harrows Retina flights are famous among the world’s best darts players and are used in tournaments as well. The honeycomb texture of the flight gives the dart extra stability without compromising on speed. The flights are just 100 microns thick, and are extremely strong and durable.

The key to this high durability lies in the design itself. The outer region is laminated to give maximum strength and the inner part is kept soft for flexibility. Despite multiple coatings, the flights are weightless. When attached to the tail of the dart, the flights go straight as an arrow, given that you throw them properly.

Apart from the extraordinary speed and stability, the darts look super classy. They don’t look out of place at any major tournament. Harrows has really nailed this product – it is the perfect combination of design and performance.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, these flights will improve your game. You will be able to witness their effect from the very first throw and soon, you won’t be able use any other flight in the future. Granted, they are not cheap and a single flight can cost you around $10 on Amazon, but they are worth every penny.


  • Honeycomb texture provides extra stability
  • Sophisticated looks
  • Excellent performance


  • Pricey

3. Centaur 30 Sets PET Dart Flights

Centaur is a brand with a reputation for creating spectacular products, and their flights are no exception. Extremely light with almost zero weight, this product is truly miraculous.

Centaur PET Dart Flights package comes with 30 sets of 3 pieces each, which makes a total of 90 flights. 90 is a big number and will cover you for months to come, and if you already know that they fit your playing style, you won’t need to purchase flights for a long time.

Each one of the 30 sets come with a unique design. You can have the wings personalized for too – be it your country’s flag or any shape or design which you like. The custom flights will make you stand out from the crowd, and you can show off your personalized darts to your buddies as well.

We’ve talked plenty about the looks and design of the flights, but what about the performance? Turns out, they are equally good in this field. Centaur’s fashionable approach does not undermine the quality of performance. The wings feel comfortable in hand and are easy to throw. After a few training sessions, you will be able to understand their trajectory and the point of impact. In short, your darts will fly straight with good speed.

This product is the epitome of the ultimate workmanship. The flights are colorful, light and sturdy. You will not be able to find flights of this quality and quantity at this price. Centaur has done a phenomenal job with the wings and they can be used by anyone – beginners, advanced players or professionals.


  • Can be personalized
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Value for Money

Cons – None that I could find.

4. Ruthless 30 x Darts Flights R4X Standard

We admit – the first time you look at the Ruthless flights, they look kind of boring. Plain plastic body does not make up for the best-looking dart.

However, the flights have some advantages that are unique to plastic flights – they are lightweight and their build quality is solid. One aspect which is different in these flights is that they do not have any texture or grain. So, they might not be the most stable flights out there, but they will give you speed. Players who prefer speed over stability should investigate this product.

To draw your attention regarding the stability issue, the flights will not make your dart unstable, it’s just that they will not make them as stable as other flights. With the right speed, your dart will still go forward without breaking any speed or any deformation.

One other issue which you might face when using them is that they are not very sturdy. The flights don’t have much life, so you might want to refrain from using them continuously, especially in long tournaments. However, if you do plan to use them during events, buy a few more. They will act as substitutes if things go south.

To sum up, the Standard flights are the best for starters and some intermediate players. Professional players should look at other flights’ brands. If budget is an issue for you, Ruthless flights are your best bet at this price point.


  • Value for Money
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely speedy


  • Do not add to the stability of the dart
  • Not very durable or sturdy

5. Aluminum Flights Assorted

If you are looking for a variety of flights with different designs, you should check these out. They have a good build quality for their price, you get to choose from several patterns and they all fit nicely into the shaft. If your old flights keep falling out every time you hit the board, you should consider the assorted Aluminum Flights.

When buying these flights, some buyers have reported that they got random designs and not the one they chose, so it’s a bit of a gamble. But the good news is that you can return them if you don’t get your preferred design.

On the performance scale, the wings performed well. They are not too thick or thin, they keep the dart straight throughout the motion, and they come in a standard size, so you will get used to them in no time.

However, I would not recommend these flights to a professional player. They are well-suited for recreational purposes, but they might cost you a game, if you use them in a league or tournament.

If you are someone who plays darts casually, they are perfect for you.

At this price, you can’t find any better flights than the and with such a great design.


  • Value for Money
  • Come in a standard size that is easy to hold
  • Good performance


  • Not precise enough to be used for professional games
  • Design may vary from what you ordered

Buying Guide – Parts of a Dart

If you are someone who plays this game professionally or is planning to compete in a tournament, you must know the anatomy of darts inside out. And this means knowing the functioning of various parts of a dart. For those of you who don’t remember what darts are made of, here is a quick revision.

The three main parts of a dart are:

  • The barrel.
  • The shaft.
  • The flight.

For the sake of this article we have focused on the latter one only, that is, the flights.

Flights are connected on the tail-end of a dart and their main purpose is to increase the stability and the trajectory of your dart. If you are a nerd, let us explain this is in terms of physics. Flights produce drag which prevents the overcoming of the back part of the dart. The flights are made from a wide variety of materials, like plastics, metals, synthetic nylon polymers and more. The flights must be rigid as well as flexible, to have the maximum effect on a dart’s trajectory.

There are many brands that can make your own personalized darts, or you can buy them directly from Amazon. The three most popular flight shapes which are used all around the world are – standard, kite and pear shape. All of them differ in weight, area and length. They also have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely.

You can choose any type of flight, barrel or shaft as long as it is under 50 g in weight and 300 mm in length. This is in reference to the standard rules of the game of darts.

Closing thoughts

Darts is a unique game. Unlike other games, it gives you the opportunity to customize. You can get creative and make the best darts which suit your game. Apart from flights, you can also choose different types of barrels and shafts. Find the perfect combination of three and start practicing.

However, it should always be kept in mind that no matter how important the customizations sound to you, they are not more important than hard work and practice. Don’t waste time looking for flights every other week. A professional player can hit the bull’s eye irrespective of the type of dart. So, grab your darts kit and start practicing, because this is the only way to perfection.